Welcome To The Dubuqueland
700 - 800 Club 2013 - 2014 Season

The 700 club cards are now being renewed for this year, the cost for this seasons membership is $10.00. Please see or contact Ken Klinge for new cards.

We need membership and participation in the club and its tournaments in order for the club to continue!

Mark your calendars for October 19th and 20th for the state jamboree in Sigourney. We would like to have a large contingent from Dubuque at the state jamboree

Fine Structure
260-269 without 700 $1.00
270-279 without 700 $1.50
280-299 without 700 $2.00
300 without 700 $3.00

2013-2014 Event Dates
September 15th: 600-700 Doubles (Creslanes)
October 19th & 20th: State Jamboree (Sigourney, IA)
November 10th: 700 Chapter Singles (Sunset Lanes - Dickeyville)
December 8th: 700 Doubles (Creslanes)
December 8th: 700 Club Meeting (Creslanes)
January 5th: 700 Club Classic Singles (Cherry Lanes)
February 2nd: 700 Invitational (Cherry Lanes)
March 15th: 700 Club Couples Moonlight (Creslanes)
April 13th: 700 Doubles (Horizon Lanes - Bellevue)
April 13th: 700 Club Meeting (Horizon Hall - Bellevue)

Elected Officers

President - Jim Johnson


Vice President - Shawn Carroll

Secretary/Treasurer - Ken Klinge


Member at Large - Dan Moore

Bowling Centers in the Men's Association
Cascade Lanes (852-3133) dpettera@hotmail.com
Cherry Lanes (690-2100) bob.hochrein@diamondjo.com
Creslanes (583-9766) steve.kamentz@creslanes.com
Dubuque Lanes (556-1322)
Fischer Lanes (588-2695)